Pressure cooker


This is a Moroccan Chicken tagine inspired stew. The traditional tagine is made using preserved lemons and slow cooked for hours to yield a rich gooey texture. This is a much faster pressure cooked version in an Instapot, but you can also slow cook the recipe if you have the time to spare, either in an oven or in a slow cooker. Not too spicy, but infused with flavors of saffron and lemon, modified a little from the original, this stew is perfect easy comfort food. Serve over a bed of couscous or white rice or wipe it off the plate with some fresh Naan 🙂

For the marinade:

  1. 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste
  2. 1 tablespoon olive oil
  3. Juice of half a lemon
  4. Salt and paprika to taste

For the stew:

  1. 1½ pounds (or 750 gms) Chicken pieces/ cubes
  2. 2 Bay leaves
  3. 1 Star anise
  4. 4-5 Black Peppercorns
  5. 1 Tablespoon Butter or ghee
  6. 1 Tablespoon Ginger Garlic paste
  7. 2 medium Onions finely chopped or as a paste
  8. 1 cup chopped Tomatoes or tomato sauce
  9. 2 Tablespoons Tomato paste
  10. 1 cup chopped Carrots and green Peas
  11. 6-8 small Potatoes cubed or one large potato cubed
  12. ½ cup Olives
  13. 1 Teaspoon ground Ginger
  14. ¼ Teaspoon Paprika or Red Chili powder (adjust to your spice level, red pepper flakes work great also)
  15. 1 heaping tablespoon Cumin powder or 2 level tablespoons
  16. ½ Teaspoon Coriander powder
  17. ½ Teaspoon Turmeric powder
  18. ½ Teaspoon Cinnamon powder
  19. Few Saffron threads crushed
  20. Lemon zest from one lemon. I like this stew lemony so use the zest of another lemon if you need it
  21. Handful of parsley or cilantro
  22. 2 cups Chicken broth or stock
  23. Salt to taste

Preparation time:  About an hour

How to Prepare:

  • Mix the marinade and coat the chicken generously with it. Marinate for at least 4-6 hours or overnight.
  • Heat a heavy pan, spray with olive oil. Add chicken and cook for a minute on each side if the chicken pieces are small or 3 mins on each side if you are using large pieces/ thighs. Remove chicken and set aside.
  • Add butter/ ghee in the pan. Add the bay leaf, star anise, and peppercorns. Let that infuse for a minute. Add the onions. Fry until the onions start to brown. Add ginger garlic paste. Cook for a min, then add the tomatoes, tomato paste, all the vegetables. Cook for a 4-5 minutes. Now add all the spices. Add the chicken. Cook for another minute. Transfer everything to the cooker or Instapot (you can also do all the steps above directly in the cooker). Add the chicken broth. Pressure cook for 15 mins. Let the steam vent naturally.
  • Add chopped parsley and more lemon zest right before serving. I like to taste the olives and lemon, so I added more of both right before serving.

Trevati dal is a protein rich combination of Chana, Toor and Green Moong dal. It can be cooked everyday as its light and simple to make. This gives you immense energy to be active through out the day. Adding Lauki or Bottle gourd to it gives the fiber content and makes it a one pot meal for a healthy and fit lifestyle. For the spicy and crunchy texture or the carb content i added the urad dal and besan vadi. Its a wholesome meal in itself.


  1. 1/2 Cup Chana Dal
  2. 1/4 Cup Toor Dal
  3. 1/2 Cup Green Moong Dal
  4. 1 Cup Diced Lauki/Bottle Gourd
  5. 6-8 Urad Dal and Besan Dry Vadis
  6. 1/2 Teaspoon Hing/Asafoetida
  7. 1 Teaspoon Jeera/Cumin
  8. 1-2 Tejpatta/Bay Leafs
  9. 2-3 Long/Cloves
  10. 1 Chopped Onion
  11. 1 Chopped Tomato
  12. 1 Teaspoon Ginger Garlic Paste
  13. 2 Chopped Green Chillies
  14. 1/2 Teaspoon Haldi/Turmeric Powder
  15. 1 Teaspoon Red Chilli Powder
  16. 1/2 Teaspoon Jeera Powder
  17. 1/2 Teaspoon Coriander Powder
  18. 1/4 Teaspoon Garam Masala
  19. 1 Lemon Juice
  20. 2 Tablespoon Ghee/Clarified Butter
  21. Salt to Taste
  22. Fresh Coriander for Garnish



  • Fry the Urad Dal and Besan Vadis and keep aside
  • Wash the dals and heat Ghee in the pressure cooker
  • Crackle Jeera, Long, Tejpatta and hing
  • Add in Onions and Ginger Garlic paste and saute till slight brown
  • Add in Tomatoes, Haldi, Coriander Powder and saute till masala leaves oil
  • Add Lauki and Green Chillies and saute for few minutes
  • Add the Dals, Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Jeera Powder, Garam Masala and mix well
  • Pour Water according to the consistency required ( 2 Cups Approx)
  • Add in the Vadis, close pressure cooker lid and simmer for 5 minutes
  • Cook further for 3-4 whistles, Once gas releases open the lid
  • Pour in Lemon Juice and sprinkle fresh Coriander leaves
  • Serve hot with Chapatis or rice or have it alone as its a wholesome meal in itself.