1) 1/2 Cup Peas
2) 1/2 Cup sweet Corn
3) 1 Cup Soya chunks
4) 1 Cucumber Diced
5) 1 Tomato Diced
6) 1 Capsicum Diced
7) 2 Tablespoon Besan/Chick pea flour
8) Salt as required
9) Black Pepper as required
10) Roasted Jeera Powder as required
11) Olive Oil as required
12) 1 Lemon juice
13) 1 Orange Diced


* Boil soya chunks, drain and leave aside to cool
* Boil peas and corn, drain and keep aside
* In a bowl, mix soya, peas and corn
* Add in cucumber, tomato and capsicum
* Add Orange/Grapes Chunks for extra tangy flavour
* You can add pomegranate seeds, carrots and chicken too
* In another bowl mix besan, salt and some water into a runny consistency
* On tawa, pour besan mix, spread and prepare a chilla
* When cooled, break chilla into small pieces and add to salad bowl
* Sprinkle salt, black pepper, Roasted Jeera powder and lemon juice, mix well
* Or add any salad dressing of your choice and enjoy!

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