This concoction is given to mothers during the 40 days period after child birth. Its helps relieve pains, cramps and helps clean up the stomach. However this is widely taken to increase milk for lactating mothers, as it contains Jeera. Its easy to prepare and yum due to jaggery and has no side effect on mother as well as baby. This can be prepared by others as a savory item and have it after or before meals!

1) 2 Tablespoon Clarified Butter/ Desi Ghee
2) 1 Cup Crushed Jaggery/ Gur
3) 1 Cup Almonds Grinded
4) 1/2 Cup Jeera/ Cummin Seeds


* In a dry wok add all the jeera and roast till they change their color(light brown)
* Take it out in a plate and keep aside
* Crush the jaggery into small pieces so that it’ll melt easily and keep aside
* In a wok add clarified butter and heat it
* Add Jaggery and stir till it melts
* Add grinded almonds and Jeera and stir
* Spread it on to a greased plate and keep aside to cool
* Once cooled then cut into pieces and serve.

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