Now also Seagate Skyhawk have few SMR drives. Gladly, i checked my WD ELEMENTS drives, a NONE of the internal drives is PLAGUED by SMR! FYI, the 10TB uses a similar WD100EMAZ helium drive. Shuck it and start using it, I noticed that there's random noise from the drive when reading / writing. This thread explains a lot… Thanks guys!! This because certain drives earmarked for use in NAS were not really living up to the performance expected. Sounds to me like the head loses the track and tries to relocate itself. Too bad WD doesn’t help the customer know that information without making (the customer) wade through a ridiculous branding scheme of meaningless colors.And even then they’re not telling you everything. (1) WDC WD20EARX-00PASB0 : 2000,3 GB [1/0/0, sa1] - wd ... At least its not SMR. Using SMR technology instead of conventional magnetic recording allows HDD manufacturers to put out denser drives at cheaper prices. WD60EZRZ-00GZ5B1. I removed WD from our preferred suppliers list unless it’s used material - which then goes into something else - suited for refurb material. Some 8’s are SMR, but mostly PMR, and as far as I can tell, most 10 TB drives are SMR. From what I read, they started inserting SMR drives into the red NAS line around early 2017. No response on that. DM-SMR - Device Managed Shingled Magnetic Recording. You can refer the link provided below for more information on PMR technology. So they can target “specific” markets with the SMR drives? Now HGST has taken their helium technology and expanded capacity even further with the Ultrastar Helium He8 8TB … The popularity of Network-Attached Storage (NAS) systems has fuelled a surge in demand for large capacity hard disk drives. WesternDigital continues to “hide” what technology is used in your hard disk. And after some coaxing, said that they are both PMR, but that doesn’t make sense because of the weight of the drives and their buffer sizes. This is a helium-filled 256MB cache drive, like the WD Red 10TB solution. Unhelpful (2) They are conventional PMR drives with NAS firmware. Flipping the enclosure over we see how everything is laid out inside the kit. ... PMR also is the same thing as CMR. And a supervisor said they can’t disseminate the information I’m asking for. I don’t want a mechanical disk that overlaps tracks and has to write adjacent tracks just to write a specific track!!! Tried it with dd and got about ~550MB/s on my Z2 Array. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER EXTERNAL WD DRIVE AGAIN!!! The most I got was a 25% coupon… lol Anyway, I asked multiple times about 10 TB drives that were PMR… I asked for model numbers or better still, links to them. Using SMR technology instead of conventional magnetic recording allows HDD manufacturers to put out denser drives at cheaper prices. Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) suffers from reduced write speed, sometimes a lot. With drives up to 6TB, WD Red™ offers a wide array of storage for customers looking to build a NAS solution. AND GET THIS! WD was “forced” to start indicating what drives are using SMR. WD technicians don’t have a way to query the drive and ask for the model number?? I have two drives WD60EZAZ-00ZGGHBO and WD60EZRZ-00GZ5B1 And need to know if these are PMR or SMR. I hear you completely. With this coupon, I’m thinking of getting a 12 TB dual enclosure since the 6 TB drives are all PMR. Man, I’m with you there. But no more WD for mainline storage. Western Digital provides data storage solutions, including systems, HDD, Flash SSD, memory and personal data solutions to help customers capture and preserve their most valued data. The WD101EFAX also seems to be the replacement for it but both can still be purchased off Amazon with the WD101EFAX being about $10 more. Hard drives were already bad at random access I/O—but SMR disks are worse. You might have to call WD Support and give them the serial number, from there they might able to find out for you if HDD is SMR or PMR drives. And after some coaxing, said that they are both PMR, but that doesn’t make sense because of the weight of the drives and their buffer sizes. Period! Can’t even answer a simple question on the fundamental technology in the product. Note that currently, the MAX capacity drive using SMR is the 6TB WD60EFAX, with 3 platters / 6 heads… So… is that it?? List of WD CMR and SMR hard drives (HDD) Updated table : 23/10/2020. There is no clear marking of which technology is being used. At the time of writing, this drive can be bought for £292 in the UK and $324 in the US if sourced from Amazon. It’s the principle behind it all. FYI, the 10TB uses a similar WD100EMAZ helium drive. Not that anyone would want a mechanical drive as a startup device in this day and age. Has fewer than 5 start/stops and less than 5 minutes of use based on SMART … No more ADVANCED FORMAT ■■■■ nor SMR. In this video, I show you a Western Digital 8TB Easystore drive that has been shucked. And a supervisor … Today, we are going to look at the first helium-filled WD Red model – the 10TB WD Red (WD100EFAX) NAS drive!. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. In other words, a radio transmitting at 1,5 W or even at 3 W will not get any more PMR radio range. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Incompetence from WD support on PMR or SMR drives, Buyer beware—that 2TB-6TB “NAS” drive you’ve been eyeing might be SMR, WD publishes complete list of SMR drives following user backlash, WD Red SMR vs CMR Tested Avoid Red SMR | Page 2 of 2 | ServeTheHome,, I have many WD external drives, and i DON’T WANT any drive with SMR!!! I will choose CAREFULLY from now on, buy INTERNAL drives, and use my own ENCLOSURES! SMR not so fast, it’s unreliable, has bug-ridden firmware, is slow, and just seems the wrong way to push storage tech. Why keep SMR and PMR drives with the SAME capacity in the same line and HIDING this info from customers? I have 1 TB, three 3 TB, one 6 TB and three 8 TB drives that all work well and have for many years, especially the very old 1 and 3 TB drives I bought when they first came out. All were PMR. Why is that? You can read my write up about SMR on my site. How about that? Please re-read the first sentence of my post. Built and tested for personal and home NAS systems with up to 8-bays, these drives pack all the punch you need in one powerhouse unit for storing, archiving, and sharing. HM-SMR - Host Managed Shingled Magnetic Recording. They are conventional PMR drives with NAS firmware. Listed below: ST8000VX002 ST8000VX008 SMR ST6000VX011 ST6000VX010 SMR ST4000VX005 ST4000VX013 SMR ST3000VX017 ST3000VX016 SMR ST2000VX012 ST2000VX015 SMR . So… Talk about incompetence and a lethargic response - like they didn’t even give a ■■■■. PMR, or Perpendicular Magnetic Recording, is a method in which magnetization takes place horizontally and vertically on platters. Back in September 2012, HGST first announced their Helium Hard Drive Platform.The Helium drives began to ship the following year in November and as of last month, HGST has deployed over a million drives.We had previously reviewed the Ultrastar He6 6TB helium drive. PMR/CMR, perpendicular/conventional, are essentially the same thing these days. We found SMR can put data at risk 13-16x longer than CMR, Someone said this is part of a RACE for BIGGER capacities. Minimum disk is 12tb large for helium disks now as far as these shuckable externals are concerned. Also fine. This is why the drive continues to work long after a large write operation …it’s flushing the PMR space to SMR area. I need to know which of the drives support it or not. I have DOZENS of them, mostly external! Aztán a PMR (CSM) / SMR HDD is kérdés lehet, ahol az utóbbiaknál köztudott a technológiából adódó (esetleges) belassulás , ahol az SMR manapság csaknem kb. Hello, i just switched my system to 6x WD120EDAZ 12TB Drives. I'm out. All rights reserved. It works great, but I'm a little bit uncertain whether the write/read are slower than they should be. I have two drives And need to know if these are PMR or SMR. In-store pricing may vary. I say this because, WD has the same “infected SMR drives” using the well known PMR tech! Pricing. A third time I called in I was told that this information is not available and and cannot be disseminated to customers. WD60EZAZ-00ZGGHBO WD 10TB RED SATA NASware 3.0 3.5" SATA III Internal NAS Hard Drive 256mb WD100EMAZ Pulled out of a brand new external. daitro on 08/07/2020 - 14:41 . The difference in write tech is just the density. CMR. Well spoken, Thread UPDATE: If your drive has WD-"AX-AZ- I think A Period. Compare this with the “INFECTED” SMR drive list, and you’re good to go! (2) WDC WD40EFRX-68N32N0 : 4000,7 GB [2/0/0, sa1] - wd Called tech support, the 1st agent did not know what PMR or SMR are. More power than that in the radio brings no benefit, except if the radio is used in DMO. They wouldn’t replace it because I took it out of a MyBook enclosure. Check for TRIM support, if it is present then it is definitely SMR. PMR - Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (both CMR and SMR type drives use it). It can be… BUT, before that happens, WD is probably using the most demanding customers / environments to TEST SMR tech so they can DEPLOY them in the bigger capacity DRIVES: 8, 10, 12, 14TB and beyond (do not currently exist). smrじゃなくとも、リビルド中に他のhddも壊れてデータ飛ぶってのはあり得る 375 : Socket774 :2020/08/12(水) 20:40:24. garetz on 08/07/2020 - 08:27 ... these won't contain a WD100EMAZ, but instead a WD101EMAZ. Called tech support, the 1st agent did not know what PMR or SMR are. (BTW, if you ask WD how to know the DRIVE MODEL inside an external WD enclosure, they will tell you it’s impossible!!! Is this still a CMR / PMR / LMR or is it an SMR hard drive. Easystore WD 10TB Drive Shuck #2. I just had a 10 Tb drive I paid over 200 USD for and it dies after 2 months. Filled out an online email form and received no answer. Customers MUST be informed of this new tech, even those using EXTERNAL SINGLE DRIVES ENCLOSURES!!! But fine for archival and backup disks. In 2020 what is the drive inside this unit? Please tell me the wd80ezaz-11tdba0 whether use smr or pmr, thanks. Funny and sad at the same time. The WD Red Family People are reporting firmware corruption, file system corruption (happened to me before it died) and slow speeds after the 30-40 GB temporary space (PMR) on the edges of the platters is filled, leaving you with ~20 MB/s SMR write speeds. Just got my black friday WD Easystore opened. In fact they use the technology on mainstream devices like boot drives. Paste it to a text editor, and voila!!! I bought 3 of them recently and shucked them. It will only use up its battery faster. The UltraStar, Enterprise, Gold, and Purple series aren’t disclosed either. Easystore WD 10… While that also sounds like a win for consumers, these drives are not suitable for NAS environments due to their... We tested WD Red SMR v CMR drives to see if there was indeed a significant impact with the change. I’m thinking YES!! 1 WD-WX21D689KFDL And need to know if these are PMR or SMR. It was SMR. WD - easystore 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black. This may have been the case 2 years ago but times change. SMR drives are completely unsuitable for for a NAS or performance disk. JoeySmyth. 6 months ago. Filled out an online email form and received no answer. Oh, also, it … Only way to find out is to buy one and discover it's got poor write speeds, apparently. PMR is the successor to Longitudinal Magnetic Recording (LMR) and achieves a data density three times higher than its predecessor LMR – the read / write head has been optimized for this and the vertical positioning also contributes to this. The second “technician” said SMR stands for Standard Metabolic Rate! So, if anyone needs to know WHAT INTERNAL DRIVE MODEL they have in their WD EXTERNAL ENCLOSURES, install and COPY PAST the info to the clipboard! The PMR space is like temp work space that is written to at normal drive speed and slowly written to the SMR areas after. Prices and offers are subject to change. I would fully expect such information to be indicated on the product datasheet. Therefore, it's possible you didn't get a drive using SMR depending on when you purchased it. Dont quote me on this, But a reliabe source told me that those would be SMR, And unlike prev posts that said its only the 2b-6tb, I can confirm my 10tb shuck from BestBuy is a white label SMR as well…Running the 10tb and 4tb non smr together in JBOD the non smr drive runs about 10c cooler than the other, Dunno just an observation, Probably not related at all, Watching atop from cmdline during big dumps 4tb or more, the 10tb goes red and stays red…. There’s a leading edge WD Red™ drive for every compatible NAS system to store your precious data. WD Blue WD10SPZX - hard drive - 1 TB - SATA 6Gb/s - overview and full product specs on CNET. This is the optimal output power and it guarantees maximum coverage or maximum PMR range. And thus likely resulted in a ton of RMA’s (bit’em in the ass a little). Stupid WD support… ). (EDIT -> COPY or CTRL-C). It seems SMR is used to push capacity sooner than PMR is ready for, but they eventually seem to make some (bought a WD gold 7200 RPM drive that’s PMR). WD knows exactly what they’re selling, naturally. WTF is that??? WD doesn't advertise which new drives in the 2TB-6TB range use this technology. It said something like “using WD’s PMR technology…” (in other words, the original way used since at least the 80’s). It seems like a marketing TEST!!! Seller: jennifeholli_4 (485) 100%, Location: Denver, Colorado, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 283243145223 Western Digital 10tb White Label (OEM Red) WD100EMAZ 5400rpm 256MB Cache NEW. And this is VERY BAD NEWS. Drives found in these can be WD100EMAZ (rebadged WD HGST Ultrastar He10/WD Ultrastar DC510 Helium drives) and WD101EMAZ (rebadged WD UltraStar DC HC330 drives). and I think it’s very unfortunate and quite disappointing that WD has no idea what kind of drives they’re selling, and worse still, SMR drives have a lot of problems that WD is not standing behind. jebusx June 25, 2019, 2:27pm #2. How BIG is it? User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 5647 reviews. © 2021 Best Buy. But there are still low-cost, pennies matter, systems being sold - likely to be purchased users not in the know. STUPID of me!!! Is WD USING RAID / more demanding users as “guinea pigs” to test SMR and then move on and use SMR on +14TB drives??? I don’t need more info on PMR. After removing the outer shell, we find a WD100EMAZ 10TB white label HDD inside. I’m out $200+ because of this bad SMR tech and am not happy about it at all. ... Seen as im using SHR raid Ive decided to expand my array with either 8 or 10 tb drives which still seem to be PMR drives for now and they still are vastly available. minden (2-4 TB-osokat is) 2,5"-os belső és külső HDD-t érint és a 3,5"-osok egy részét is. This interest led Western Digital to create the WD Red NAS-optimised family of hard disk drives. (One month late because I've been lazy.) The 8TB EasyStore contains a WD80EMAZ helium drive (up until late 2017 the NAS Red drives WD80EFX). WD100EMAZ - the AZ suffix and 256MB cache strongly indicates SMR. I now have to deal with these hidden landmines because WD does not put SMR / PMR on the label, which is very deceptive. (3) WDC WD1600BEVS-22UST0 : 160,0 GB [3/0/0, sa1] - wd. Point is both are proven tech for several decades. garetz on 08/12/2020 - 09:44 +1 vote. But they’re instructed not to reveal this SMR tech. That means these drives have to use SMR, the slower performer. Hey Boss, WD is being sued over this. The Gui showed my about ~125MB/s for each disk. WD don't make SMR drives larger than 6TB, so yes this is not a SMR drive. The 8TB EasyStore contains a WD80EMAZ helium drive (up until late 2017 the NAS Red drives WD80EFX). I ended up buying a manufacturer refurbished 10 TB Gold datacenter drive for $170 on eBay to replace it, because I was certain it was PMR (was right in the description). Well, i got new for you: crystaldiskinfo CAN!!! Updated table : 23/04/2020 So now, according to this article, they have made a small attempt at indicating what technology is used and in what drives.

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