1) 2 Cups Seviyan/Thin Vermicelli
2) 1 Ltr Whole Milk
3) 1/2 Cup Sugar
4) 4 Nos Elaichi/Cardamom
5) 1/4 Teaspoon Fennel Powder
6) 2 Drops of Vanilla Essence
7) 1/2 Can of Condensed Milk
8) 1/2 Cup Chopped Nuts(optional)


* Take the milk in the pot and put it up for boil
* Add in Sugar, Cardamom, fennel powder and vanilla essence, Mix well
* Let the milk boil and get reduced a little
* Add in seviyan or vermicelli, keep stirring till seviyan looks cooked and soft
* Take the pot off heat and let it cool a little
* Seviyan seems to drink up the milk and make it more thick in consistency
* Now add in the condensed milk and 3/4th nuts and mix in well
* Keep in refrigerator if you want to serve chilled
* Serve at room temperature with garnished nuts and cardamom



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