1) 250 gms Musrooms
2) 1 Bunch Spinach leaves
3) 4-5 Tortilla Wraps
4) 3-4 Garlic CLoves
5) 1 Cucumber
6) 1 Capsicum
7) 1 Tablespoon Butter
8) Mayonnaise as required
9) Ketchup as required
10) Salt to taste
11) Black pepper to taste
12) Cheese Slices


* wash and Chop the mushrooms and spinach separately
* Slice the cucumbers and capsicum finely and keep separately
* Heat a pan and add in butter to melt
* Chop the garlic and throw it in butter to release its flavour
* Add in chopped mushrooms and saute till it gets soft
* Add in Chopped Spinach and cook further till leaves wilt off
* Add in salt and black pepper according to your taste, mix well
* In a flat pan, heat up the tortilla wraps on both sides
* In a tortilla wrap, add 1 tablespoon of mushroom spinach mix
* Pour mayonnaise generously and sprinkle salt and pepper if required
* Add cucumber and capsicum slices and wrap the tortilla in a roll
* Roll tightly and slice the wrap in the middle and serve hot!

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