1) 3-4 Chicken Breast Pieces
2) 4 Cheese Slices
3) 1/2 Cup Cream
4) 1/2 Cup Curd
5) 7-8 Garlic Cloves
6) 1/2 Cup Mint Leaves
7) 1/2 Cup Coriander Leaves
8) 1 Teaspoon Pizza Seasoning
9) Salt to taste
10) Black Pepper to taste


* Chop Fresh mint and Coriander leaves and keep aside
* chop the Garlic Cloves finely and keep aside
* Wash and Dry the Chicken breast pieces with a kitchen towel
* Cut horizontally Breast pieces and leave it joint at one end
* It will open up like a butterfly shape
* Keep the Cheese Slices on one side and close the breast pieces
* Keep Chicken in a tray and pour over the cream and curd on it
* Sprinkle the Salt, Black Pepper, and Pizza Seasoning
* Add on Fresh Chopped Mint and Coriander Leaves
* Massage everything onto the chicken Breast Pieces
* Keep it refrigerated for an hour to marinate
* Line baking tray with foil and keep the Marinated Chicken pieces on it
* Pull up the foil paper to make it into a little bowl shape
* Bake or Grill it on 200 Degrees for 40 Minutes, turning in between
* Serve with Fresh Salad, Cut into smaller pieces


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