1) 8 – 10 Slices of White milk bread
2) 1 Cup White butter or Makkhan
3) 1/2 Ltr Milk
4) 4 Eggs
5) 1 Cup Sugar
6) 1/2 cup Mixed nuts(Cashew, Almonds, walnuts, Raisins)
7) 1/2 cup Sugar for caramel
8) 1/4 Chopped Cashew nuts for caramel
9) 1/2 Cup Water for caramel


* Chop all nuts and keep aside
* Boil milk in a pan and add sugar
* When sugar melts remove from heat and let it cool
* Butter all slices of bread on both sides with white butter
* Cut all the slices in 4 pieces
* Grease a baking tray and arrange the bread slices in layers
* In between bread layers sprinkle chopped nuts
* Beat eggs and slowly add and mix it well in the cooled milk
* Add the milk mix to the arranged bread slices so that all slices are soaked
* Bake it at 200 degrees for 15 mins till the top turns golden brown
* Once done chill it in fridge
* Garnish with Cashew caramel and serve chilled

* In a pan add sugar and water
* Cook till the mix thickens and changes color
* Add Chopped cashew nuts and mix
* Remove from heat, it will darken as it cools
* Pour the mix on a greased tray and let it cool
* Once cooled and stiff, completely break into pieces as shattered glass
* Caramel is ready to use

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