1) 3/4 Cup Besan/Chickpea flour
2) 1/2 Cup Sattu/Roasted Chana Flour
3) 1/2 Cup Ghee Milk Solids
4) 1/2 Cup Cashew and Almonds Finely Chopped
5) 1 Cup Sugar
6) 4 Elaichi/Cardamom
7) 8-10 Black Pepper
8) 1/2 Cup Ghee


* Pulse in a grinder both cashew and almonds with cardomam and black pepper
* It should be of sand like consistency, keep aside
* In a wok dry roast the sattu and besan till its golden brown color
* A nice nutty aroma comes from roasted besan
* Add in Ghee milk solids(Leftover milk solids while making ghee at home)
* Mix well till all ghee solids are coated with the besan mix
* Add little ghee till all the mix seems wet and sticks together
* Roast for another 2- 3 minutes to incorporate the ghee
* Add the nuts mixture and mix well everything
* Take off heat and put aside to cool, till its bearable to touch
* Add Sugar and give a good mix to the laddoo mix
* Take a little of mix in hand and make laddoos( round in shape)
* If the mix is dry to make laddoos add little hot ghee and make one
* Make laddoos for all the mixture and keep it in an air tight container


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