Besan Laddoos are easy and healthy sweets from India. Its prepared in festivals and also prepared for kids to improve their immune system.

1) 2 Cups Besan/Chickpea flour
2) 2/3 Cup Ghee/Clarified Butter
3) 3 Pinches Cardamom powder
4) 1 Cup Sugar( granulated/powdered)
(Keep it granulated for extra crunch or can use powdered sugar)
5) 1 Cup Almond powdered
6) Few Pistachios for garnish


* In a wok, Melt ghee
* Add in the besan and stir constantly on the low flame
* Cook till its golden brown in color and a nutty flavor comes out
* Add Cardamom powder and almond powder and mix well
* Cook for a minute and take off flame and put into another dish to cool it
* When cooled, Mix in the sugar and make small balls out of the mixture
* These round balls are laddoos
* Garnish with pistachios and serve fresh homemade sweets

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