1) 1 Cup Atta/ Whole Wheat Flour
2) 1 Cup Ghee/Clarified Butter
3) 1 Cup Sugar
4) 3 Cups Water
5) A Pinch of Elaichi/Cardamom Powder


* In a pan heat up water and add sugar to it
* Boil till sugar is melted and take it off heat
* In kadai Heat ghee, leave 1 Tablespoon ghee which will be added later
* Once ghee is heated and melted, add atta and mix constantly
* It will look like a batter consistency
* Keep cooking till the color changes to a darker brown
* At this stage ghee too starts leaving the sides
* Add Elaichi powder and mix well
* Pour in the sugar water and keep mixing
* Keep stirring till water is absorbed by atta
* Cook till you see ghee on the sides , mixing frequently
* Finally add in the leftover ghee and mix after taking kadai off gas
* Once mixed its done! Garnish with chopped almonds and Serve hot!

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