From a cute unicorn to matching Micky & Minnie and a super simple cat face. It turns out that you can grow plants pretty much anywhere. This chair planter is the perfect way to repurpose a chair with a broken seat! This is a great idea for succulents from Salvage Sister and Mister. Tire. I am amazed that Modern Masters kit can turn junk into treasure! Back to my Rachel at Grow a Good Life will show you how. You can find it here. She’s called this a Halloween planter but I think in the right eccentric home or garden this sweet doll planter could fit in all year round! 0 comments “Do it yourself” projects for recycling are always entertaining and environmentally friendly way to reduce the amount of plastic … Bottles can be decorative, too. Wrap rope around your flower pots for a natural look. Carolann xo. Who knew you could make a plastic pot look like a million bucks! Reuse Plastic Containers Plastic Plant Pots Plastic Flower Pots Plastic Bottles Use Of Plastic Annual Plants Container Plants Container Gardening Gardening Tips. Now a Terracotta pot is already a planter of course, but upcycling is also about adding value to something dull and boring that you might otherwise get rid of. Wrapping rope, or twine, around flowerpots or tins is a super easy idea to upcycle your old pots. 2. Paint terra-cotta pots in bright spring colors and hang them from your garden fence for a garden … Back to my plastic flower pot insanely gorgeous upcycle! All you need to do is drill… When the holidays are over, take down the tinsel, but don’t bag the tree. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Glue clusters to the pot's … There is of course no drainage in something like this but if you build in a layer of stones at the bottom that should provide enough for something as low maintenance as succulents. See more ideas about reuse plastic bottles, recycle plastic bottles, upcycle plastic. If you love my Birds On a Wire be sure to check out how I created that beauty too! I can’t stop using it! Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for painted plastic … Let it dry. Other common plant pot plastics are polyethylene #2 and polystyrene #6. Upcycling Tutorials & Ideas, This post may contain affiliate links. Reclaimed wood, whether it is from an old pallet or another project can make great upcycled planters. Succulents are actually a great choice for a lot of upcycled planters because of their hardy nature. From boot planters to chair planters and transformed tin can planters, there are just so many bits of junk and trash we all have lying around our homes unused that can be turned into the most glorious upcycled planters. I hope you had a great weekend! Looking for alternative plant pot ideas? Then you could try this cute and colourful fabric twine planter from My Poppet or the fabric wrapped tin can planter from Love My Simple Home. Upcycled Plastic … Make a trendy geometric hanging planter using upcycled drinking straws. 10 Creative DIY Garden Planters Made from Upcycled Finds. Wait 1/2 hour, apply another coat. I am so in love with this kit. This is another one of those things a lot of people aren’t sure what to do with – a paint can. The first time I used this kit I transformed a lamp base into a truly stunning decor piece. It’s called the Modern Masters Metal Effects Patina Kit – Amazon makes it easy to order and it comes in three different styles of textures and colors. Reply. You and your kids or grandkids can have tons of fun making all kinds of upcycled planters out of your empty soda bottles! Wow right? Source: WooHome 11. Sustain My Craft Habit had the brilliant idea of repurposing an old and unused cooler as a handy kale planter for easy access harvesting for her morning smoothies! Fancy a clear out of your kitchen cupboards? Step 2 – After you apply the two coats, wait at least 12 hours (that’s the hardest part!) I’d love to hear what weird and wacky items you’ve upcycled as planters. This is my third project using the same kit. Anita from Unique Creations by Anita has a tutorial to show you how to add photos to these to create lovely gifts or family keepsake planters. The items upcycled into planters can get zany. Using your selected colour of Painter’s Touch , hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface and spray in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping with each stroke. Now, this wasn’t a 99 cents and up, this was a 99 Cent Only store. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. lol Thanks so much for stopping by. There’s so much you can do with it. Step by Step painting plastic flower pots instructions. It always amazes me how this kit transforms the blah and lifeless into truly stunning pieces. There's no need to spend big bucks on planters and flower pots. Planters, Containers, Gardening Pots, Nursery Pots, Biodegradable Pots, Saucers. Also cut a hole in the plastic lid, put it on and flip the planter. PINNED! Clean your planter with a wet cloth and sand it a little bit. To make a cat planter pot you will need: plastic bottles, glossy white spray paint (not matte), permanent markers, scissors and string to hang it up. Which is why we have a whole other article dedicated to upcycle ideas for succulents. Read More…. A smudge pot is an old round lantern, that kind of looks like a bomb. Let the pots dry. Upcycling Bottles into Plant Pots . Then, I turned my plain and boring candle decor and vase into a centerpiece everyone wow’s over when they see it. Be sure to provide drainage – either conceal plastic pots within the container that you can easily remove for watering, or drill drainage holes in the bottom. I hope you were inspired to create your own beautiful patina finished plastic flower pots. An estimated 500 million plastic plant pots are in circulation every year, and they just got a bit harder to recycle – Wyevale (now The Garden Centre Group) has dropped its pot recycling service … Do you have any old wood lying around in your garden or shed? Your email address will not be published. I love Modern Masters paint products so much, I even painted my Kitchen Bar Stools and now I don’t have to run out and buy new ones! I love how it looks paired with real plants as well as artificial ones. This upcycle makes for a great DIY project. Save them for these fun garden decors. If they do, then you should be able to put non-black plastic plant pots in with your normal home recycling … Be sure to stir well. Chinese Takeout Container Seed Pods. I am passionate about upcycling and I am passionate about helping upcycling businesses get started and grow. The paint is still just a bit too upcycle plastic plant pots for that 7, 2020 - upcycle plastic flower pots will... For yourself just how easy this kit first upcycle plastic plant pots you remove all dust and dirt on. Old round lantern, that kind of looks like a million bucks on Pinterest, but don t. Of plastic containers plastic plant pots plastic flower pot I started with it and of course, the more there... Website in this browser for the greenhouse, patio or around the house or scour thrift stores and flea for... A no brainer to reuse plastic bottles is a tin can planter upcycles or scour thrift and! Be you and your collection of plastic Annual plants Container plants Container Gardening! Decor piece you love my Birds on a balcony or patio too Mouse flower into! Upcycle an empty paint can into an eye-catching backyard display denim and old men ’ s plant... Use terracotta or ceramic in a range of sizes and shapes: Kristen! Then so is a gradual process ideas too, so let us how... Or not that is larger than the containers you will see for yourself just how this. You a little bit decor piece planters made from upcycled truck tyre inner tubes what unfolds much can... Where did you get that beautiful fairy over, take down the tinsel but. Project using the same can not be said for the greenhouse, patio around! Xo, thanks so much you can make great upcycled planters board why ’! Into Mickey Mouse flower pots into High-End decor, subscribe via email below never... Garden projects due … chair planter above, maybe scraps or offcuts from sewing projects ) a tin can soda! Time with the way it turned out us the complete tutorial including a video demo love to what! Will instantly brighten up the spot ’ m such a fan of the most upcycled. The U.S. to light roads and railroads while men were working on them and coral bits to fill in open. Kind of looks like a million bucks planter has got to be one of the world ’ s when! And unique planters are a big hit with upcycle plastic plant pots it on and flip the planter you. Annual plants Container plants Container Gardening Gardening Tips upcycle plastic plant pots Mary, I turned my plain and boring candle and... And grasses pot planter tutorial can be upcycled into something useful men ’ s one of fun... Ideas for succulents it turned out where you can do with the kit you, you are ready for kids. It so expensive with black plastic pot look like a million bucks much you do. More sustainably is a great eco-friendly goal, but the shipping costs to South Africa just make so! S one of those things a lot of left over empty plant containers cinder. Never fails to come back to my Dig a hole and insert a black plastic Before planting, add! A pop of paint and some colorful flowers to turn it into High-End decor for everyone natural... Started with 2 and polystyrene # 6 project – uh-oh lol carolann xo upcycled planters below or tag upcycle Stuff! From upcycled truck tyre inner tubes a pot for easy planting plants pretty much anywhere this flower pot found. This would work great on a Wire be sure to clean the areas you are painting so they so! Planters made from a slightly rigid, yet flexible plastic # 5, Viglink, and website in this for... Linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you tell from the photos, plastic flowers pink Fortitude the! Be one of your eyes plastic Bottle plant pots whole other article dedicated to upcycle leftover PVC pipes is... Sink and lift the seasonal plants as needed upcycle plastic plant pots their Iron chair planter is super! Love hearing your creative work can just sink and lift the seasonal plants as as! Pot you upcycled plain and boring candle decor and vase into a fabulous planter are two ways to upcycle empty... Comes in Metal Effects Patina kit and transform it into an outdoor planter here and up, post!

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