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The best thing after lunch or dinner at some restaurant or hotel is when you reach the end for bills! That's when you receive the most vibrant in colour n mouthwatering sugar coated saunf or fennel seeds. 
I remember when we were kids we used to pack 2-3 teaspoons of this coloured saunf in paper napkins and would quickly slide the packet in our pockets. Then we used to look around to confirm that no one us doing it! I still love doing it 😋....

Its nostalgic to see restaurants serving many memories are attached to this simple condiment.
Recently my daughter saw this in Have More Restaurant(Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore) . She liked it so much that i had to buy a big packet of it for home too!

But why are we served saunf? 
Well Saunf has many benefits like... 
1) Improves digestive system, 
2) Regulates BP, 
3) Purifies blood, 
4) Reduces asthma symptoms and 
5) Reduces water retention among a few!

Simple logic behind this is when sugar coated saunf enters your mouth, the mouth produces more saliva which helps in digestion. Its also a great mouth freshener after having rich food outside.